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Why Say Kraft Box Is One Of The Best Packaging

Every day, every business industry is growing, and the competition is getting more demanding and challenging. This makes life difficult for new startups because new businesses […]

Is The Cardboard Boxes Recycled A Perfect Circulation?

With the online business growing, incomputable packages are delivered or on their road worldwide. All these commodities are packaged in a cardboard paper box(or corrugated) to prevent […]

How To Design A Paper Carrier Bag Professionally

When you gonna order customized paper carrier bags for your commodities from JiRong, you can tell us your creative idea and let us realize it. But […]

3 Common Paper Shoe Box Structures

Paper shoe boxes may be the only packaging for the sneaker stores in malls or online. The box structure is one important factor that merchants need […]

What Do You Do To Deal With The Empty Shoe Boxes?

Once the trends seasons transition or the famous brands publish new arrival products, fashion icons start crazy buying kinds of shoes. After the excitement, the left […]

3 Factors Affect Paper Shopping Bag Weight Capacity

Paper shopping bags are merchants’ favorite because they have fantastic design, favorable cost, and excellent brand promotion function. However, the bags’ bottom and handle joints are […]

4 Things You Should Know About Paper Garbage Recycling Sorting

With the popularization of garbage sorting awareness, more and more people participate in this environmental protection activity. Paper is a widely used stuff in our life, […]

Ripening Fruits With A Kraft Paper Bag To Save More Time

Do you know how ripening fruits with a kraft paper bag easily? When buying some fruits in a grocery store, typically, we will pick the ones […]

Paper Tote Bag: 3 Advantages and Disadvantages

An excellent carrier bag is always a lady’s best mate when shopping in the malls. Amount various reticules types, the tote bag, which has a large […]

Can I Put Paper Box & Paper Bag In Microwave Oven For Heating?

There are many videos on YOUTUBE showing what will happen if to put things into a microwave oven heating. They are popular because that’s a question […]

6 Awesome Creative Paper Takeaway Packaging Designs

An awesome takeaway packing design can help much with your brand promotion. A real great design needs to balance the functional, attractiveness, and environmental protection simultaneously. […]

How To Purchase Custom Paper Bags From JiRong, China

Fujian JiRong Paper Packing Products Co,.Ltd is a manufacturer focused on eco-friendly kraft paper package bags, owns integrative production equipment. JiRong offers paper packaging products and […]
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