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4 Tips To Set The Paper Bag Storage Environment Properly

As a local packaging products wholesaler or distributor, there must be a vast amount of kraft paper bags in your warehouse. Paper packaging bag is a […]

Get Clear About 22 Common Food Package Symbols Mean

Every country in the world has relative standards to the food packages’ design, some symbols are must printed. They can help the consumers to clearly know […]

Custom A Good Paper Carrier Bag By Select Right Options

The paper carrier bags are a necessary part of shopping activity. They are not only make shopping more convenient but also help merchants with their brand […]

Choose Suitable Food Delivery Packagings During Covid-19 Pandemic

During these hard days, the covid-19 pandemic took a significant blow to the foodservice industries. Many restaurants had to choose the food delivery service to maintain […]

4 Factors Of Paper Bag Weight Need To Consider When Ordering

Many of our customers will be confused about the various options when ordering custom paper packaging bags for their business for the first time. Especially about […]

What Is PE-coated Paper? Is It Microwavable & Biodegradable?

In daily life, we use lots of paper products, such as wrap paper and disposable tableware. We may found that almost all the kraft paper’s inner […]

5 Highly Used Coated Paper Types In Packing and Printing

Have you ever been in a situation, after you finished an awesome design, then it looks far away from what you think after printed? These cases […]

Learning Kraft Paper Bag Constructions and Styles From 4 Aspects

In this article, we are going to learn about every paper bag construction. It may be helpful to your business or save much unnecessary cost. Why Study […]

Why So Many Merchants Love Using Paper Shopping Bags For Packaging

Many times after you shopping home, the shopping bags for packaging that the stores offer to you may cause some trouble. They’re various – made from […]

11 Printing Technologies On Paper Bags Production

Kraft paper bag has beautiful, low-cost, and eco-friendly features, which is the merchants’ favorite. Except for packaging the goods, one more characteristic of the paper bag […]

4 Common Paper Bag Materials – How Should We Choose

If you are running a restaurant, a store, or a grocery, that paper bags may be the first choice you packing goods for your customers. Before you start […]

Ultimate Guide to Food-grade Kraft Paper for Safety Packaging

Kraft paper is an excellent material. Except for making shopping bags, many foods are also packaged with it. In our impression, they all look similar, and most […]
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