Customize An Awesome Paper Shoe Box For Your Brand

Are you selling shoes with your own brand? Trust us, whatever you are operating a store, retail, or online store, you need an impressive selling packaging box for the products. Show your idea and let us do the job.

As A Custom Empty Cardboard Shoe Box Manufacturer, JiRong Is Good At:

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Rich Experience

JiRong is a professional paper packaging products manufacturer from China. We supply various rigid corrugated shoeboxes and merchandise bags for the local famous sneaker brand PEAK, and have a deep partnership with many fashion personal brands. Thus, we have a rich experience in design and produce empty paper shoe boxes. Our excellent team can also help solve any unexpected problems while you seek suitable packaging for your products.

Advanced Technology​

Advanced Technology

JiRong is equipped with the world’s advanced production machines to satisfy the various demands from our customers(like various printing technologies) and provides the highest quality products. At the same time, we also got a huge capacity that ensures we can finish your order in a short time and delivery, help you to grab the market quickly.

Complete Supply Chain​

Complete Supply Chain

A complete supply chain makes many advantages to JiRong, like steady raw material quality and adequate stocks. And all these will finally benefit our customers. You can take a one-stop purchase from us with a favorable price and can be more effective against the risk of exchange-rate fluctuations.

Hot Sale Custom Series​

Blank Colored Folding Assembly Rigid Paper Shoe Box With Hinged Lid

wholesale blank kraft paper shoe boxes with hinged lid

This shoebox is made from rigid paper, can be folded during shipping to save space, and assembly after delivery. The surface is blank with color, and you can DIY some patterns or stickers on it for your brand promotion. It is the best choice for any personal brand, online store, or local wholesaler.

Regular Types Stocks For Wholesale

size basis weight

High-end Corrugated Paper Shoe Box With Separate Lid and Air Hole

high-grade shoe boxes

This corrugated paper shoebox has been through matt laminated processing, shows a high-end sense, and is much stronger. It still can get more processes like gold/silver stamping and Spot UV for a custom design. It is suitable for the popular sneakers and luxury high-heeled shoes packaging.

Regular Types Stocks For Wholesale

size basis weight

Custom Printed Double-deck Drawer Style Corrugated Paper Shoe Boxes

double-deck drawer style

Two shoe boxes will be packed by a large cardboard box as one unit, like a drawer. The large box can be custom design printed. Our customers love to use this packaging type to carry out a promotion.

Regular Types Stocks For Wholesale

size basis weight
1#35x15x15cm(single box); 60x30x30cm(double boxes)350gsm

Split Type Glossy Laminated Rigid Cardboard Shoe Box With Logo and Patterns Printed

Logo Printed Shoe Box

An ordinary split-type shoe packaging box. You can make different designs printed on the body and lid. An air hole on the body can help the air change, give the shoes a better storage environment.

Regular Types Stocks For Wholesale

sizebasis weights
2#30.5×18.5x10cm 350gsm

Customize Snap Closure Bottom Cardboard Shoe Box With Hinged Lid

snaped bottom paper boxes

Simple cardboard boxes not just for shoe packaging but any other products. It will be in a folded state during shipping to save space, and it’s easy to assemble by snapping. It is blank and at a low cost, suitable for second-hand markets or flea markets items packaging.

Regular Types Stocks For Wholesale

sizebasis weights

Custom Design Options


  • Cardboard
  • Kraft Paper
  • Rigid
  • Corrugated


  • Hinged Style Lid
  • Split Lid and Box
  • Drawer Style
  • Quick Prepare Style


  • Digital Printing
  • Flexo Printing(Flexography)
  • Lithography

Surface Process

  • Gold/Silver Stamping
  • Matt Laminating
  • Glossy Laminating
  • Spot UV
  • Embossing


1. Will the matched shopping bags be provided if I order the cardboard shoe boxes from JiRong?

JiRong’s main products include kraft paper shopping bags, ​but you need an extra order. Get more information here.

2. I designed a shoebox with a unique style for my brand, and it gets an unusual construction. Can you create a mold for me for producing?

Of course, if you got a super cool idea, sharing it, or show us the drawing, JiRong’s professional team can help you realize it. For the first order, you need to pay for the mold, and if we have the honor to get long-term cooperation with you in the future, the cost will be returned.

3. Before we pack the shoes, typically, we will wrap them with papers first; will you offer these wrapping papers?

Sure! We will satisfy whatever you need on business.