Food Delivery Service
Food Delivery Service

Customize A Set of Disposable Kraft Paper Food Containers in Your Own Style​

Take a one-stop purchase in JiRong, either kraft paper boxes, takeaway food bags, or other disposable paper tableware. We got the best custom solution and service. All the products are made from food-gade safe material and eco to the environment.

Why Choose JiRong Kraft Food Packaging Box​

JiRong owns rich experience in paper product production, especially on food-grade kraft bags. We realized that many of our business partners, either the local wholesalers or the chain restaurants, all want to purchase as much as possible goods from us. It will make the purchasing become easier and get a cheaper cost.

Thus, we introduced the paper food box production line and integrated it into our large supply chain, serving you a perfect one-stop purchase experience.

We can offer various types of disposable paper food containers, packaging boxes with lids, and ordinary paper trays. If you got any great ideas about the design, we could also help you realize it. Customize a personal logo and pattern on the box’s surface will be a great help to your brand promotion.

JiRong’s professional team will favor you with a solution anytime and anywhere in any business or design problem.

Hot Sale Custom Series​

Regular Square Kraft Paper Food Packaging Boxes With Brand Logo Sealing Tapes And Stickers

logo sticker and brand tape sealing are available

This is a traditional-style kraft paper food container, also most restaurants’ choice on takeaway food packaging. It is made from good-grade paper and grease-proofing film, with a snapped top for packing. For better brand promotion, we can provide the packing tapes and stickers with your logo design.

Regular Types Stocks For Wholesale

size basis weightcapacity

Kraft Paper Food Delivery Packaging Box With Air Holes Cover Design

disposable kraft paper food delivery container with air hole

If you offer a food delivery service, this paper box may be a good container for packaging, especially for the fried food. It got a grease-proofing film liner to prevent the juice or oil ooze out. And the cover is with several air holes cutting so that the hot food inside will not get damp by the steam and influence the flavor. For some vegetable salad, the air holes also help the air exchange to keep the leaves green but not turn yellow. With this paper packaging container, the dish will stay at the same flavor before delivery to your customers.

Regular Types Stocks For Wholesale

size basis weightcapacity

Triangle Paper Sandwich Selling Packaging Container With Window

kraft sandwich packaging containers

This is an ideal selling packaging for bakeries and food processing factories for their sandwiches products or any other triangle food items. It is made from heavier paper, with a snap closure bottom construction, easy for packaging and open. It also got a clear window at the front for your customers better choosing. You can also customize some fantastic designs on the surface to give an impression.

Regular Types Stocks For Wholesale

size basis weightcapacity

Kraft Paper Bakery Cupcakes Packaging Boxes With Clear Window Lid

custom pattern paper bakery packaging with window

Supply for bakeries most. It’s a simple paper packaging box, a clear window on the cover. The large and flat bottom can keep the cake stable. For better packaging, we also provide tiny ropes and liners. You can also customize the surface for an attractive appearance.

Regular Types Stocks For Wholesale

sizebasis weights
2#16x16x7.5cm 300gsm
3#24x16x7.5cm 300gsm

Large Square Grease Proofing Corrugated Cardboard Pizza Boxes

large square cardboard pizza box

It is made from the harder and thicker corrugated cardboard, provides a tough enough storage space. The inside wall is with grease proofing film-coated, keep the food and your hand clean, and prevent the pizza from sticking to the wall. The product is primary used in pizzerias. Or steaks, pancakes, pies packaging.

Regular Types Stocks For Wholesale

sizebasis weights
3#27x27x4.5cm 320gsm

Chinese Style Kraft Takeaway Food Box With Separate Compartments

kraft paper food container for Chinese restaurant

Typically, there are many dishes in a Chinese meal. During the delivery services or to-go packaging, for preventing the food’s flavor from influences each other, we need to package them into different places. And this compartmented paper food container can do it well. This item can be customized into double, triple, or more separate compartments, also the capacity and appearance. Such a nice choice for the Chinese restaurants and Japanese sushi restaurants.

Regular Types Stocks For Wholesale

size basis weightcapacity
1#16.5x14x6.5cm(two compartments)300gsm840ml
2#18.2×13.7×4.7cm(three compartments)300gsm920ml
3#18.5×14.5x5cm(four compartments)300gsm1250ml

Disposable Small Brown Paper Grease Proofing Trays

different sizes kraft paper trays

A common disposable paper tray with grease proofing liner. Typically for restaurants dine-in using and grease food placing.

Regular Types Stocks For Wholesale

size basis weight

Disposable Paper Cup

kraft paper cups supply

Matched disposable paper cups supply. For restaurants or coffee shops filling beverages.

  • with lid or not options;
  • the extra insulated set is provided;
  • the fixed paper holder is provided;
  • customize appearance;

Regular Types Stocks For Wholesale

1#volume: 80oz(236ml)
2#volume: 90oz(266ml)
3#volume: 120oz(355ml)
4# volume: 160oz(473ml)


1. Are all these kraft paper food boxes safe?

Of course, all our food-related kraft paper packaging products, including food bags and boxes, are made from 100% food-grade material, even the film-coated. They are all passed the relevant food safety certification and are never harmful to your health or pollute the food.

2. Are these kraft paper food boxes friendly to the environment?

99% components of our kraft food boxes are from natural wood fiber, which is recyclable, biodegradable, and eco-friendly. But some types may get a film-coated for a grease proofing feature, some of them are not biodegradable, you need to ask our team and get an ensure answer and suggestion. Besides, each country and region has its own policy on paper product recycle, so it finally depends on the local government.

3. Can I just buy the food boxes but not with kraft bags?

Sure. You can just buy them alone, although they will be used together in most cases. And you can get a more favorable quote in one-stop purchasing from JiRong.