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Provide professionally one-stop food packaging solutions for local wholesalers, distributors, restaurants, groceries, bakeries, and food processing houses.

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Are you seeking impressive custom paper packaging for your food?

Just choose JiRong!

With years of operation, we got deep cooperation with many food-related industries worldwide. A large-scale workshop, complete supply chain, and outstanding design team make us can provide kraft paper packaging products at a competitive price and quality. If we have the honor to work with you, we will help you save the cost, promote and develop your business better.

Why Choose JiRong Kraft Food Bags



This is what we most priority. All the JiRong kraft food bags’ paper and the film material have related food-safety certifications to ensure you will never get into food safety troubles due to the failed packaging.



Protecting the earth’s ecological system is a community duty of all humanity. Our kraft food bags have an extremely high utilization rate to the log and have biodegradable properties, are convenient for recycling and compost.

custom paper bag for food


JiRong owns a professional design team and various advanced printing equipment, which can realize your custom designs or offer relative services, helping establish your brands better.

matching supply

Matching Supply

Not just kraft paper food bags, JiRong also provides other matching products, such as disposable paper food containers and cups. Of course, they are all food-grade and eco-friendly. For businesses like restaurants and distributors, you can make a one-stop purchase from us.

Hot Sale Custom Series​

Large SOS Kraft Paper Sacks For Grocery And Restaurant

SOS kraft paper bags

SOS(Self-Opening-Sack) bag can keep standing and at an opening state without assist, which helps increase packaging efficiency. It is the most popular paper bag type for products, lunch, and takeaway food packaging, typically used in groceries, bakeries, and restaurants. A flat bottom makes large storage space and better heavy-duty capacity.

JiRong’s SOS bags are made from high-quality kraft paper, which got a higher tear-resistant performance. You can also customize the gsm according to your demand, to get a lighter weight and save more shipping and storage costs.

Regular Types Stocks For Wholesale

size basis weight

Pinch Bottom Kraft Baguette Bread Packaging Bags With Window

paper baguette sales package bags with window

A paper bag with a pinch bottom, suitable for the long bread like Baguette, croissant, and hot dog packaging. It makes from paper with a film-coated inner, has water and grease proofing properties. It’s the best for the bakeries or the bread processing factories.

The clear window on the body is a custom option, which helps your bread shows and your customers pick. JiRong also provides a custom printed sticker for the top sealing, better for your brand promotion.

Regular Types Stocks For Wholesale

size weight

Custom Printed Paper Tin Tie Sealing Toast Sales Packaging Bags

tin tie kraft paper toast packaging bags

Sales packaging for toast. A Tin Tie widget at the top provides greater airtightness during short-term storage. Besides, we also provide custom printed stickers for better sealing of the top. You can seal the packages without any machine’s help. It’s an ideal paper packaging for bakeries and bread processing factories.

What is the most excellent, the body has a highly customized property. You can print any awesome design on it, or make a clear window.

Regular Types Stocks For Wholesale

size weight

Custom Design Paper Food Sales Packages With Resealable Zipper

resealable kraft paper food sales packaging bags

A sales package made from food-grade kraft paper. The coated film provides an excellent humidity resistance performance. And a plastic zipper widget at the top makes it resealable. These characteristics make the package good for the long-term storage of food. Besides, the U-type bottom makes it can stand up itself, convenient for the items loading.

The package also allows an air hole, clear window, and heat-sealing top design according to your demand. It’s the best choice for the processed food like tea leaves, herbs, grain, coffee beans, spice, and pet food.

Regular Types Stocks For Wholesale


Small Pinch Bottom Grease Proofing Liner Kraft Paper Pouches For Deli Packaging

disposable grease proofing paper pouch

Small size disposable paper pouches for deli packaging. The grease-proofing liner prevents the oil from oozing out the surface, keeps your hands clean. The top with a high and low drop helps easy unfold and increases packaging efficiency. The paper pouches are usually used in food trucks, snack bars, bakeries, and concession stands, for pancakes, hot dogs, cookies, hamburgers, fried chicken, and French fries to-go packaging.

Even they are typically thin, the high quality-quality paper material makes a great toughness so that not easy to tear. You can also print your customize design on the body for better promotion of your brand.

Regular Types Stocks For Wholesale

sizebasis weights
2#18x13x4cm 25gsm
3#24×17.5×4.5cm 25gsm

Custom Design Options

Coated Film

  • PE
  • PP
  • PET (microwavelable)
  • PLA (biodegradable)


  • Tin tie
  • Heat sealed
  • Resealable
  • SOS Folded


  • No-window 
  • With clear window


  • Bottom
  • Flat
  • Pinch
  • U-type


  • Single color
  • Multiple color
  • Sticker


1. Are all JiRong paper food bags 100% eco-friendly, biodegradable, and compostable?

Unfortunately not. Every country has its own environmental protection policy about packaging products. For a kraft paper bag, its main material is natural plant fibers. But some of them will get a film-coated inner for a water and grease proofing performance. Most of the films are plastic and are not biodegradable or compostable, and some do. So it depends on your decision on the custom design, and your local policy. You can ask our team for suggestions.

2. Are these kraft food bags reusable or just disposable?

JiRong kraft food bags are all made from high-quality food-grade material, sturdy and durable. But paper bags belongs to disposable stuff by definition. Once it is used, the following conditions and risks can not be controlled by us. And reuse kraft bags also has a bad influence on the food flavor.

3. Is there a MOQ if to order or customize kraft food bags from JiRong?

Yes. For the stock of the blank regular types, we ask a MOQ of >1000. For the custom service, the MOQ is 10000-20000(single design). Under an expensive freight in 2021, the more products you order, the more cost will save.

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