Custom Paper Baguette Package Bag With Clear Window

Product Description

This is a special design paper bag for long bread packaging. It has a pinch bottom and a long enough body, suitable for a baguette.

The bag is made from food-grade film-coated paper and it’s grease resistant and has a great tear resistance performance. There is a non-toxic sticker at the opening for sealing. A clear window design helps your client have a better check on the bread. And there are many micro perforated on the window that provides good breathability and extends the baguette life.

This paper baguette package bag is the most ideal packaging for a bakery and grocery. Except for purchasing our stock, you can also custom the size, basis weight, design, and printing.


  • a clear window design
  • made from soild and flexible food-grade paper
  • easy sealing
  • breathable window for keeping bread in fresh longer


  • long-bread such as baguette packaging
  • bakery
  • prepared food factory


Is this item sold in small batches?

No, JiRong is a paper package manufacturer from China. Large batch purchases can save more shipping fees and provide a more favorable quote.

Are these paper baguette package bags recyclable and compostable?

It depends. The window is made from plastic, and it needs some primary treatments. Most of the time, it’s the job of the local reclamation depot.
And our professional team members will give you relative suggestions according to your local market, adjust the material to reach the lowest requirements of your local law, or what you want, to help you save more costs.