Disposable Pinch Bottom Greaseproof Paper Deli Pouches

Product Description

Custom size disposable paper deli pouches. The grease-proofing liner prevents the oil from oozing out the surface, keeps your hands clean. The top with a high and low drop helps easy unfold and increases packaging efficiency. The paper pouches are usually used in food trucks, snack bars, bakeries, snack bars, and concession stands, for pancakes, hot dogs, cookies, hamburgers, fried chicken, and French fries to-go packaging.

Even they are typically thin, the high quality-quality paper material makes a great toughness so that not easy to tear. You can also print your customize design on the body for better promotion of your brand.


  • made from food grade deli paper
  • greaseproof
  • custom size and print


  • theatre snack bar
  • bakery
  • food truck