Custom Paper Resealable Sales Package Pouches With Clear Window

Product Description

A resealable sales package made from food-grade kraft paper. The coated film provides an excellent humidity resistance performance. And a plastic zipper widget at the top makes it resealable. These characteristics make the package good for the long-term storage of food. Besides, the U-type bottom makes it can stand up itself, convenient for the items loading.

The package also allows an air hole, clear window, heat-sealing top, and U-notch tearing opening design according to your demand. It’s the best choice for processed food like tea leaves, herbs, grain, coffee beans, spice, and pet food.


  • made from food-grade coated paper
  • waterproof
  • greaseproof
  • stand-up on its own
  • resealable
  • heat-sealable
  • easy tearing opening
  • custom print design


  • shelf-sold packaging for herbs, tea, coffee beans, snacks


Is this item sold in small batches?

No, JiRong is a paper package manufacturer from China. Large batch purchases can save more shipping fees and provide a more favorable quote.

Are these resealable pouches recyclable and compostable?

It is regrettable that these resealable pouches are not considered eco-friendly items. Although they are made from paper, they still have many plastic parts, such as the zipper, the clear window, and the film coating. They need more recycling jobs than the normal paper products.