Customize High-quality Paper Merchandise Bags For Your Business

No matter what kind of store you are managing in, packaging the merchandise with a high-quality bag will undoubtedly enhance your customers’ goodwill. Suppose this packaging bag is from your unique idea. In that case, it will also help your brand promotion. Compare with the plastic and non-woven, the kraft paper bags can say it’s the best choice after balance environmental protection, performance, and cost; and it’s the most widely used. Fortunately, JiRong – the best paper merchandise bag manufacturer in China, has rich experience in the packaging field, advanced printing technology, and production equipment so that we can provide you the most suitable packaging solution.

Why Choose JiRong

JiRong has rich manufacturing experience in the FMCG industry, cooperates with many global brands, and manages a comprehensive, steady supply chain. It allows us to offer you a more attractive price, helping you reduce the cost stress.


JiRong accepted all kinds of custom styles and designs. Let us know your idea, and we will help you realize it. An awesome appearance is always the most effective way for brand promotion. Our design team can also help you with design optimizing. If you just wanna purchase the regular types, we also provide various blank styles.

various styles

The competitive and relatively inexpensive price of JiRong’s custom printed paper merchandise bag is based on our advanced techniques and complete supply chain but not to reduce the product quality. Sturdy, clear-printed, and tear resistance are the most significant pros of our products.

high quality

JiRong owns the best R&D teams. Even the salesmen who are establishing business relations with you also have a wealth of professional knowledge. So no matter what you are confused about our products, our 7X24 service team is always by your side and helps you figure it out perfectly.

first-rate service

Hot Sale Custom Series​

Custom Printed Paper Bags For Gifts With Die-cut Handle

lovely kraft paper gift bags with die-cut handles

Wholesale various sizes of gift packaging bags. With a die-cut handle and folded top design, easy to carry and seal. Our customer chooses to add a lovely ribbon bow for decorating and makes the package look cuter. A clear window design is available if you want.

It is popular as a gift packaging for the wedding, Christmas, and Easter parties. More than that, many merchandisers also love to use this item as their products selling packaging.

Regular Types Stocks For Wholesale

size basis weightweight capacity

Mini Cartoon Patterns Printed Paper Merchandise Bags With Twisted Nylon Rope Handles

mini kraft paper merchandise bags with twisted nylon rope handles

This merchandise packaging bag is made from matt-coated paper, which can get a wonderful printed effect. Even it is a mini size, coated paper is much stronger and has good stiffness, and you don’t worry about it will breaks. The twisted nylon rope handles also make the bag more comfortable for carrying. It is the most ideal packaging for toy stores, gift stores, boutiques, and electronics shops.

Regular Types Stocks For Wholesale

size basis weightweight capacity
2#18×8.5x24cm130gsm <1kg
3#30x12x26cm130gsm <1kg

Single Color Brand Logo Printing Brown Paper Bags With Flat Paper Handles

brown paper merchandise bag with logo printed

Ordinary brown paper carrying bag with glued flat paper handles. Often see in groceries, bookstores, and online malls. The design is simple, just a single color print of the brand logo or copy write, so it cost low and best for the small business which is just starting. Although it is relatively thin as a merchandise bag, it is still strong enough for heavy-duty performance.

Regular Types Stocks For Wholesale

size basis weightweight capacity

Tall Flat Bottom Paper Liquor Packaging Selling Bags With Window & Handles

paper liquor selling packaging bags

Suitable for wine and any bottle-beverage packaging in the grocery stores and any other long goods. This is an ideal liquor packaging made from kraft paper. It has a low cost and great design. The clear window can let your customer see the wine inside, the twisted handles help to carry, and the flat bottom helps the packaging jobs. You can also do more customize printed on the body to make your brand promotion.

Regular Types Stocks For Wholesale

sizebasis weights

Old-fashioned String Fastener Kraft Folder Bags

colored string fastener kraft folder bags

The traditional business style file folder, made from high-density kraft paper, is sturdy and durable. A string fastener design can prevent the files from falling out, best for any important paper documents storing.

Regular Types Stocks For Wholesale

1#21x30x2.6cm (A4)
2#14.8x21x2.6cm (A5)
3#17.6x25x2.6CM (B5)

Custom Design Options

Paper Type

  • brown kraft paper
  • colored kraft paper
  • coated paper
  • recycled paper
  • specialty paper

Handle Connect Style

  • knot
  • shoe buckle
  • glued
  • embedded
  • die-cut
  • eyelet punching

Handle Style

  • cotton rope
  • nylon rope
  • cotton tape
  • nylon tape
  • riband
  • twisted paper rope
  • flat paper tape

Printing Method

  • single-color
  • multiple-color
  • gold/silver stamped
  • embossed
  • UV Varnishing
  • bright lamination
  • matt lamination


1. What are the differences between paper merchandise bags and paper shopping bags?

Generally speaking, their practical differences are not so obvious; shopping bags can be said to be one merchandise bag type. To better manage our business and serve customers, we classified the ones with heavier basis weight and handles into shopping bags; they are primarily used in the brand clothing and shoe stores in the shopping mall. The merchandise bags are widely used in various stuff packaging, and they are typically flatter and lighter, and the styles are diversified.

2. Can I use the kraft merchandise bags packaging foods directly?

We don’t recommend doing this. Although all our products are safe, suppose you want to package foods, our food-grade kraft bags and containers may be the better choice.

3. Are these kraft merchandise bags reusable?

Theoretically, kraft merchandise bags belongs to disposable stuff. Of course, you can still reuse it in the case that it is intact.

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