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fashion custom shopping paper bag manufacturer

The Shopping bag is always an important part of brand promotion. No matter the model in the poster or the crowd on the street, the shopping bags they’re carrying are eye-catching all the time. JiRong owns various advanced production technology, allows to print your brand logo, and design on the kraft paper shopping bags in every style. A Unique, Fashion, and High-quality shopping bag can help your brand leaves a better impression in your customer’s mind.

By Ordering Kraft Paper Bags From JiRong, You Will Get…

Brand Promotion

Brand Promotion

Even though you have a great shopping bag design, you also need high-quality printed to make it comes true. JiRong owns the worldwide advanced equipment and rich production experience. Offer your customers the paper shopping bags ordered from us, and the awesome design will help increase a good impression and make your brand promotion better.

better experience

Better User Experience

The handles or bags’ body break during use is an awful experience. JiRong always uses the best material in our production. Laminated kraft paper and coated paper are strong enough and have a high tear-resistance performance and great heavy-duty capacity. According to the actual usage, we can reinforce the handles’ joint; they will never separate away from the body during use.

Custom Design

Custom Design

JiRong being in a business relationship with many enterprises worldwide, gained vast excellent molds and experience. You can pick your favorite regular types and direct order the stock, or ask us to realize your awesome design idea. Our advanced printing technology and equipment can make your brand logo and slogan more clear, gay, and attractive on shopping bags. Besides, our professional design team can also give useful suggestions on the promotion strategy.

One-stop Purchase

One-stop Purchase

JiRong’s business partners include groceries, shoe stores, restaurants, boutiques, luxury brands, local wholesalers, etc. For better serving our partners, we also supply any other paper packaging like disposable food-grade bags/containers and cardboard boxes. You can take a one-stop purchase from us to get a more preferential price.

Hot Sale Custom Series​

Common Type Colored Blank Kraft Paper Shopping Bag With Twisted Rope Handles

various size colored kraft shopping bags with handles

The regular shopping bag which made from colored kraft paper, without any logo and patterns. Still, you can ask for printing your custom design on it, or customize the size. It is an ideal packaging for any small stores like groceries, shoe stores, and online stores, or a product item for local wholesalers and distributors.

The twisted paper ropes are glued at the bag’s body and be ruggedized, and the body also has high tenacity. So no worry about the weight capacity; it can satisfy any daily use.

Regular Types Stocks For Wholesale

size basis weightweight capacity

Gold-stamped Printed Black Paper Shopping Bags With Shoe Buckle Nylon Rope Handles

gold stamped kraft shopping bags with nylon rope handles

This shopping bag is made from black paper, which is thicker and stronger, provides a better heavy-duty capacity, stiffness, and flatness. No winkle on the surface and can be stand up itself. The twisted nylon handles make it more comfortable when carrying. 

The gold-stamped logo and patterns show a high-grade and elegant sense. Very suitable for the luxury stores, brand clothing, perfume, jewelry, and bracelets use for packaging.

Regular Types Stocks For Wholesale

size basis weightweight capacity

Art Paper Large Euro Tote Bag With Ribbon Bow Decorate

awesome design paper tote shopping bag

This euro tote bag is made from matte-coated paper so that you can print any awesome design on it clearly. The paper has been laminated and got an excellent tear-resistance performance.

The style is like a daily tote, with large storage space and a lovely ribbon bow decorate. The unique and attractive look can make a great help on your brand promotion. Both die-cut and nylon handle designs provide two carry ways. Not just for goods packaging but also reuseable in daily life.

Regular Types Stocks For Wholesale

size basis weightweight capacity

Color Printed Paper Shopping Bags For Fashion Brand Clothing Store

paper euro tote shopping bags with a bow decoration

Ordinary style paper shopping bag with the custom color pattern printed design. It has an extra-large capacity and awesome weight capacity, and a glued and folded bottom makes the bag body more solid.  It is the best choice for any brand clothing store, gift shop, or online selling packaging.

Regular Types Stocks For Wholesale

sizebasis weightsweight capacity

Medium Retro Original Kraft Shopping Bags With Flat Paper Rope Handles

kraft shopping bag with single color printed

An original brown kraft paper shopping bag with simple single color patterns printed. The retro-style looks very hard-core, suitable for the western cowboy clothing brand and national crafts shops for packaging goods. The handles are made from flat paper and are ruggedized to provide a certain weight capacity. Finally, the biggest characteristic of this shopping bag type is its relatively low cost.

Regular Types Stocks For Wholesale

sizebasis weightsweight capacity
2#21x11x27cm 130gsm3-8kg

Large Square Bottom Paper Shopping Bag With Ruggedized Die-cut Handles

paper die-cut handle bag

This shopping bag type is often used for goods with a large packaging box. The large flat bottom can let the goods stable, and the ruggedized die-cut handles have a higher tear-resistance performance.

If you are operating a restaurant, it is the best packaging bag for to-go food. Except for the surface printed, you can also customize a grease-proofing film liner or a foil heat preservation liner design. By the way, JiRong also provides the match disposable food containers and cups.

Regular Types Stocks For Wholesale

sizebasis weightsweight capacity
2#42x15x33cm 130gsm3-8kg

Custom Design Options

Paper Type

  • brown kraft paper
  • colored kraft paper
  • coated paper
  • recycled paper
  • specialty paper

Handle Connect Style

  • knot
  • shoe buckle
  • glued
  • embedded
  • die-cut
  • eyelet punching

Handle Style

  • cotton rope
  • nylon rope
  • cotton tape
  • nylon tape
  • riband
  • twisted paper rope
  • flat paper tape

Printing Method

  • single-color
  • multiple-color
  • gold/silver stamped
  • embossed
  • UV Varnishing
  • bright lamination
  • matt lamination


1. What is the difference between kraft paper shopping bags and ordinary kraft bags?

Typically, ordinary types like SOS kraft paper bags have no handle, and paper shopping bags do. So it will be more comfortable and convenient when carrying.
Ordinary kraft paper bags are made from 100% virgin fibers. And most of the paper for making shopping bags has been laminated with layers of clay on the surface. So it becomes thicker, gets a better stiffness and flatness. The most important is that the processed surface will be more suitable for printing, which helps to realize your awesome idea design and brand promotion.

2. Are JiRong kraft shopping bags friendly to the environment?

All our kraft bag products are eco-friendly. But every country and region has its own standard, and our team will recommend you the best suitable products according to where you are. In most cases, every kraft bag will finally be sent to the recycle bin and being biodegradation in a landfill way.
In some cases, they will be returned to paper pulp and making recycled paper. But due to they had been printed, the recycled paper they made typically show a gray color, the products they made are not so much suitable for printing again.
Fortunately, JiRong’s paper products are always high-quality, especially the shopping bag item. They are all sturdy and durable, and you can take them as daily reusable shopping packaging but not disposables.

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