Custom Colored Paper Blank Shopping Bags For Retail Merchandise Packaging

Product Description

These paper blank shopping bags are made from colored kraft paper, original brown inside, without any logo and patterns on the out. Still, you can customize your logo, slogan, and any awesome design printing, also the size. It is an ideal packaging for any small business like stores, groceries, retail, and online stores. If you are a local wholesaler or distributor, it will also be great to put this item in your catalog.

The twisted paper rope handles are glued at the bag’s body and be ruggedized, and the body also has high tenacity. So no worry about the weight capacity; it can satisfy any daily use.


  • with sturdy handles
  • various vibrant color option
  • custom size and printing
  • strong tear resistance


  • bitrhday treat
  • party preparation
  • retail packaging
  • wedding
  • shopping


Is this item sold in small batches?

No, JiRong is a paper package manufacturer from China. Large batch purchases can save more shipping fees and provide a more favorable quote.

Is that possible to customize the handle style and material?

It’s afraid not. Because this item is totally bulk producing by an auto-machine so that it can be quickly and mass. And the rope paper handles are absolutely strong enough.