Custom Reusable Custom Paper Euro Tote Bags

Product Description

This euro tote bag is made from matte-coated paper so that you can print any awesome design on it clearly. The paper has been laminated and got an excellent tear-resistance performance.

The style is like a daily tote, with large storage space and a lovely ribbon bow decorate. The unique and attractive look can greatly help your brand promotion. Both die-cut and nylon handle designs provide two carry ways. Not just for goods packaging but also reuseable in daily life.


  • thicker(heavier gsm) and durable
  • comfortable twisted nylon handles
  • larger capacity and weight performance
  • custom printing
  • fashion design


  • brand clothing stores
  • brand promotion
  • gift packaging
  • reuse for daily shopping


Can I customize this paper euro tote bag into other shapes?

I am afraid not. This euro tote bag item is in a fixed mold, and you can only customize its size, color, gsm, printed, and handles styles.