Custom Printed Pharmacy Paper Bags & Herbs Selling Packaging Supply

JiRong is a professional paper packaging bag manufacturer. We provide high-quality and safe pharmacy bags and herbs selling packaging. You can also ask for any custom designs printed on them. They are all sold at a favorable price.

Why pharmacies use kraft paper bags for medicine packaging

Some medicine without packages, such as herbs and Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM), is most dried and with a not friendly smell. If stores with plastic bags may make the smell become more awful, the dampproof performance of plastic bags is also not as good as kraft paper pharmacy bags.

Although most medicine themselves with a bottle or foil package, they are still fragile. Some small pills may get lost on your way home because the package is broken. An extra pharmacy bag can make sure they always stay in your hands.

Our kraft pharmacy bags are made from 100% natural wood fiber, which is biodegradable and much more eco-friendly than plastic bags. And it also has an advantage on the purchase and recycles cost.

In most states in the U.S and some regions in the world, the local government makes clear rules that not allowed using plastic bags for drug packaging. For some large chain pharmacies, using kraft bags for packaging is also convenient for the management.

JiRong Kraft Pharmacy Bags’ Merits

  • customize printed appearance, helpful for your brand promotion and dispensary management;
  • Convenient opening design, improve the packaging efficiency;
  • With a competitive price by a steady supply chain;

Hot Sale Custom Series​

Regular White Paper Flat Bottom Gusseted Prescription Rx Bag With Logo Printed

wholesale flat bottom traditional blank pharmacy bags

Regular type of white pharmacy prescription rx bags. It is made from kraft paper or sulfite paper, with a flat bottom and gusseted sides, more convenience for preparing and loading drugs, and you can take an easy-folding for sealing. The white surface is accepted for single or 4 colors printed, makes your brand logo and slogan more conspicuous.

Regular Types Stocks For Wholesale

size basis weightcapacity
2#7x12x21cm 30gsm300g-800g
3#8x13x24cm 30gsm300g-800g

Tin Tie Design Flat Bottom Kraft Paper Bag For Dried Herbs Packaging

wholesale tin tie kraft paper bags for pharmacy

A kraft paper to-go packaging for any folk herbal drug store and TCM pharmacies. The flat bottom makes the bag standing and more convenient when dispensing. The tin tie sealing provides enough airtightness performance for short-tern storage. Besides, a clear window design option, helping your customer better observing how many herbs are left inside.

Regular Types Stocks For Wholesale

size basis weightcapacity

Resealable Kraft Paper TCM Selling Packaging With Window

resealable kraft paper TCM bags with window

This paper bag is the best choice for dried herbs and TCM selling packaging because it gets a sealing strip. So that it is resealable and the medicine can be stored for a longer time. Inside the bag, there is a pe-coated film that provides a better damp proofing performance. And a clear window on the body helps your customers better observing how many herbs are left inside.

Regular Types Stocks For Wholesale

size weightcapacity

Custom Printed Small White Paper Pouch For Pills Packaging

small waterproof pills packaging bags

A common white paper pills packaging pouch, typically used in the pharmacy and hospital. It got waterproof performance, and you can also do some customized printed(like logo and form) on the surface. And it is at a meager price.

Regular Types Stocks For Wholesale

sizebasis weights

Disposable Pinch Bottom Paper Airsickness Barf Bag/ Clean Bag With Logo Printed

disposable paper airsickness barf bag

Supply for the airline company or public transport system. This disposable paper bag is for the passenger used when they are suffering from airsickness or discomfort and are going to emesis. Besides, it is also suitable for collect garbage during the journey. The disposable barf bag is made from film-coated paper with lighter basis weight, and is typically accepted single or 4 colors printed.

Regular Types Stocks For Wholesale

sizebasis weights


1. Are JiRong’s pharmacy bags safe? Will they pollute my drugs?

All our pharmacy bags are non-pollute paper and have been UV disinfection. Especially the ones that immediately contact the herbs are made from food-grade paper. You don’t need to worry about it.

2. Are JiRong pharmacy bags eco-friendly?

99% components of our pharmacy bags are from natural wood fiber; they are friendly to the environment and can be completed degradation. But in most cases, they will finally be sent to the recycle bin. And the recycling standards about pharmacy bags, different countries and regions are also different.

3. Can the pharmacy bags be custom printed in various styles as the same as your kraft shopping bags?

All our products accept custom designs. But under a general case, for better caring for the patient’s emotion, pharmacy bags will not with a fancy design. Of course, if you insist on it, we can also satisfy you.

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