Custom Kraft Paper & Cardboard Packaging Products Category

Disposable Food Bags

custom paper packaging food bags

Full-range food-grade kraft bags, suitable for the product packaging of bakeries, groceries, and food processing manufacturers.

Popular Style Series

  • Tin Tie Food Packaging Bags With Clear Window
  • SOS Resealable Kraft Toast Bags
  • Pinch Bottom Grease Proofing Takeaway Bags

Merchandise Bags

lovely kraft paper gift bags with die-cut handles

Traditional and solid kraft paper merchandise bags for clothing, wine, gift packaging, and files storage.

Popular Style Series

  • Custom Brand Clothing Kraft Bags With Twisted Paper Rope
  • Kraft Merchandise Bags With Clear Window For Wine Packaging
  • Traditional Brown Kraft Files Bags With String Fastener Design

Food Containers

whosale kraft food containers with brand tape sealing

Food-grade kraft takeaway food containers. Purchase them along with food bags and you can get a more favorable quote.

Popular Style Series

  • Kraft Food Delivery Container With Air Hole Lid
  • Large Square Grease Proofing Cardboard Pizza Box
  • Separate Compartments Takeaway Box For Chinese Food

Shopping Bags

fancy design kraft paper shopping bag

Fashion shopping bags with handles, great weight capacity, and customized printed available, good for your brand promotion.

Popular Style Series

  • Small Gold Stamp Die-cut Handle Bags
  • Medium Flat Bottom Twisted Handles Bags
  • Large Great Weight Capacity To-go Bags

Pharmacy Bags

wholesale flat bottom traditional blank pharmacy bags

Safe prescription Rx & herbs packaging bags with privacy protection pocket design.

Popular Style Series

  • Resealable Herbs Package Bags With Clear Window
  • Easy Prepare Pinch Bottom Small Bags For Pills
  • Tin Tie Old-fashioned Kraft Takeaway Pharmacy Bags

Shoe Boxes

high-grade shoe boxes

Customized fashion design cardboard shoe boxes, high-quality and solid, better shoes protection, and your brand promotion.

Popular Style Series

  • Blank Kraft Shoe Box With Hinged Lid
  • Cardboard Sneaker Box With Air Hole Lid
  • Gold Stamp Printed High-heeled Shoe Box With Soft-nap Liner

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